Natural Handmade Products & Gifts to pamper your skin and relax your mind.

Handmade & Eco Friendly products.

Turning Natures bounty into usable, beneficial, nourishing products for the whole family.


Because we create and source products with you in mind

Every product that we sell has been handmade and created for a unique purpose. Be it our aromatherapy candles ~ that use specially blended Essential oils to chill you out (Be Chilled) or rev you up (Creativity) or our shower steamers ~ that have amazing aromatherapy benefits. You can be secure in the knowledge that we use the very best natural ingredients on the market.


Hi Clivina, The parcels arrived and the pressies are great and smell divine. Girls genuinely loved everything. Beautifully wrapped and packed.

Aneta Parslow

You're a miracle worker, I can't believe your products and advice cured my eczema flare-up in 4 days! My prescribed cream didn't even do that.

Estelle Sparks

I Love your products :), I have been using your heart Deo stone everyday ~ I will have to ask Sam if I am less stinky now. The Konjac sponge is lovely, a lot more gentle than I expected. I am too precious to use the shower steamers but will give them a go at the week-end.

Kata Nezhdanova